We are known for our consistent and uncompromising standards, and that goes for every single case that comes through our door. No matter the complexity or the scope of the restoration, our highly trained team of experts is available to help you to make the right choice in creating the greatest quality of work.

From crowns, custom abutments and dental bars to inlays, onlays, substructures and other prosthetic appliances, we offer the strongest materials and the fastest turnaround.  Experience the Crowns R Us difference for yourself! 

We Go Beyond!

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Sood

(Los Angeles, CA)

" Just sent a case to Crowns R Us, I am really sure it will be perfect, I'm using the best lab in the world! "

Dr. Li

(Northridge, CA)

     " We just want to take a moment to  thank all of you for being so wonderful and going above and beyond all the way to deliver our patients cases. Thank you! "

Dr. Leonard Smith

(San Jose, CA)

" Reliable, friendly dental lab. I can always rely on them for our implant cases. "

Dr. Ochi

(Redondo Beach, CA)

​" Our patients are very demanding, and I am too, especially when it comes to crown and bridge lab. Crowns R Us is consistent and has helped my practice soar. ”

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