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At Crowns R Us, our goal is to ensure your business remains highly regarded, highly competitive—and highly profitable. Utilizing our CAD/CAM 5-axis technology, we have the capability to mill only the highest quality, most-precise dental prostheses available. From crowns, custom abutments and dental bars to inlays, onlays, substructures and other prosthetic appliances, we offer the strongest materials and the fastest turnaround.  Experience the Crowns R Us difference for yourself! 

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If you’re looking for a dental lab that supports the growth and success of your dental practice, look no further. Crowns R Us is your solution! start by requesting your free, no-obligation, Crowns R Us Welcome Kit which includes everything you need to get started. We provide all of our clients with dental restorations that are delivered on time and have consistent quality, backed by superior dentist-technician communication and responsive client service.

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